Moving from demand generation to revenue marketing: 3 critical steps

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We’ve all heard content is king, and data is queen—well revenue…it’s the royal family. These days traditional demand generation tactics are no longer enough to ensure the success of our marketing efforts. Instead, revenue marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy to help drive growth and profitability. More holistic of an approach than demand generation, revenue marketing leverages both sales and marketing teams—working together to generate leads and convert them into paying customers. It focuses on the entire customer journey, from lead generation to conversion.

This move, though, requires a shift in both mindset and approach. It requires a deeper understanding of the customer’s journey, as well as a focus on new metrics such as customer lifetime value (CLV), customer acquisition cost (CAC), and return on investment (ROI). Marketers who are ready to take make that transition need to follow three critical steps: aligning marketing and sales, focusing on the customer journey, and learning how to measure and optimize in a new world that is not just lead gen focused. This session will not only cover what revenue marketing is and why it’s important, but also dig deeper into these three steps and provide a guide for breaking down silos, speaking directly to customers’ pain points and interests, and becoming more data-driven and revenue-focused.

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