ABM is broken: fix it with Allbound

In this session

ABM has been the name of the game for a better part of a decade. Some have been doing it for years, while others are just getting their feet wet with this strategy – in 2023, we’re seeing ABM take up 41% of marketers’ budgets (a 13% jump when compared with 2022). But lately, ABM seems to be broken. Even though 72% of marketers recognize ABM’s value in ROI, and the focus is there, we continuously see ABM programs fail and teams underachieving. And if SaaS companies keep adding “ABM” onto their products as a solution to the pain, ABM will stay broken. Truth is, there’s no such thing as an ABM Platform or Solution and one single product does not equate to an ABM strategy. ABM is a business motion, therefore requiring an allbound approach. Instead of focusing on what their team can individually do, leaders should leverage their revenue teams, channels and software in one motion with efficiency and shared goals. Only with allbound can you make it work. Allbound is the answer to your pipeline problems.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why ABM is broken and how to fix it with the Allbound approach
  • Best practices and approaches to Allbound
  • How to leverage your teams, channels and software to work in cohesion together
  • The antidote to your pipeline problems
  • How all of the above will boost pipeline and increase ROI

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