Brand awareness isn’t found on the side of the road

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Here’s a not-so-fun fact: 90% of all B2B decision-makers sign with companies they knew at the start of the buying process. As a result, getting in front of the right decision-makers and building brand awareness is more crucial than ever. But this doesn’t mean you should throw out machine learning, digital measurement, and granular targeting for a roadside billboard. B2B marketers, there’s a better way.

Join Severin Nesselhauf, Director of Marketing Strategy at MNTN, as he shows how clever B2B brands harness Connected TV to get in front of their most important audience and make a powerful first impression — beating their competitors to the punch. Severin will give best practices to reach valuable prospects, generate demand, and shorten sales cycles with Connected TV advertising. And with an analysis of CTV AI and machine learning technology designed to automatically optimize ads and always find your audience, you’ll leave with a blueprint to build the cohesive cross-channel story you need with the decision-makers you want.

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