From intruder to ally: a hacker’s guide to marketing on hard mode

In this session

You’re a marketer and have one mission: orchestrate successful campaigns that fuel qualified pipeline growth.

Buckle up, brave marketers. Get ready as we delve into the high-stakes world of marketing in cybersecurity.

In this insightful and irreverent presentation, hear tall tales and lessons learned from marketing on hard mode from a cybersecurity marketer. In this talk, we’ll explore how the mindset of a hacker can revolutionize your demand generation strategy in any industry, flipping challenges into opportunities, and transforming you from an intruder into a trusted ally.Attendees will walk away with these key takeaways:

  • Thinking like a hacker
  • Social engineering and psychology
  • Infiltrating the Dark Funnel
  • Ethical marketing
  • Exploiting untapped niches

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