How B2B marketers can drive revenue with an efficient growth strategy

In this session

All B2B marketers are being asked to drive measurable revenue and growth. Marketing ROI is being questioned, every investment is being analyzed and it’s harder than ever to make things work.

This actionable talk will share a battle-tested and scalable B2B revenue framework that works effectively no matter your budget, industry or stage of growth. You’ll walk away with the steps to define, plan, build and run a multi-channel strategy that can help your team plan, forecast and maintain top line revenue growth every quarter, including:

  • How to define a revenue strategy that actually works by breaking down your funnel between both acquisition and expansion revenue
  • How to deliver a top-line growth plan and forecast revenue using proven and repeatable tactics across your team
  • How to orchestrate a revenue creation playbook across key points of the buyer’s journey to help drive efficiency and hit your number

As a bonus, you’ll also get all of the pre-built templates filled with B2B revenue strategy and tactics to help kickstart the process with your team. 

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